Estéban Soubiran

Hey! I'm Estéban Soubiran, a French web engineer based in Paris.

I work at Infomaniak as a front-end developer, and I'm a team member of UnJS . I'm also a freelance developer when I have time.

I'm passionate about web technologies, and I'm constantly learning new things, from technologies to finance and entrepreneurship. I love sharing my knowledge and learning with people. That's why I give talks and write articles. I also stream on Twitch where I code projects, try tools, and explain concepts.

I embrace simplicity over complexity when designing and building user experiences. I pay attention to details to deliver the best possible product that satisfies both the client and the user.

Thus, I acquire an expertise in JavaScript , TypeScript , Angular , Vue , Nuxt , and Adonis , which helps me correctly understand the needs of the client and to propose the best solution.

Outside of programming, I enjoy CrossFit, doing sports, and traveling all around France by train.

Find me on:

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Or send me an email: [email protected]